Differentiation Is The New Currency

“Life is not a meaning; it’s an opportunity.” — Dr. Sol Gordon.

When life presents us with an opportunity, we naturally create meaning for it. Such meaning is emblematic of our perceptions and beliefs about our own identity and the world around us at a given point in time; that's Dr. Sol Gordon’s core message. His work also depicts how learning something new and serving others for the greater good is conducive to life-giving relationships, which, he contends, are the best antidotes to depression and suicide.

What does this have to do with the topic of differentiation in business, might you ask ?

Well, we are a meaning-making species and differentiation is a direct by-product of our special aptitude to compare options since they each mean something different to us. Read on for insights about how thoughtful differentiation can position your business to compete and strive in a noisy, crowded, and competitive market.



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