Alternative asset managers, did you know a free scorecard could inform your fundraising success path?

Florence His
2 min readAug 19, 2021


Any thoughtful fundraising journey should begin with taking stock of your current situation and locating your starting point on the fundraising value cycle. The next step is then to clearly articulate an end goal and therefore pinpoint a final destination. A success path will soon emerge from holding this creative tension, the secret is to wisely pace and nurture each milestone towards its resolution.

We designed and recently beta-launched a complimentary self-assessment tool to provide the alternative asset managers in our community, interested in assessing their level of preparedness with respect to upcoming capital raises, with a scorecard to help them get situated in their journey.

Alternative asset managers are welcome to take the (beta) Assessment here

After answering the questionnaire we put together, based on 20+ years of experience raising capital in the alternative investment space, assessment takers will be able to position themselves on the fundraising value cycle and identify what their next steps may be to start designing their own success path.

The evaluation framework we designed will naturally provide valuable insights about the areas of improvement and the steps that should be considered in order to progress on any given success path.

Success paths, however, need to be contextualized and customized to specifically meet individual asset managers at their own stages of development and guide them through a carefully thought out step-by-step process, so that they may reach their objectives efficiently and avoid getting distracted with tactics that will not convert for them (now), given where they stand (now) on their individual capital raising journeys, with their specific offering.

The fundraising landscape is very competitive, and the Investors’ allocation game is very selective which leaves little room for improvising, in particular for market entrants and recent teams …

To support our community of “Emerging to Growth” stages alternative asset managers raise capital, we recently beta-launched a 90-Day Group Program focused on assisting them to scale AUM and build thriving, sustainable asset management firms.

✅ What to expect (beta) — starting date : September 22nd
We will be welcoming a cohort of 20 asset managers, maximum

✔ The (100% Online) program includes :

  • a monthly (1h) masterclass
  • group coaching sessions twice a month (for 1h — maximum 5 participants (rotation), pre-registration required)
  • a community virtual space for participants
  • 1–1 coaching sessions available upon request (optional)

Sold out, get on the waitlist for the next cohort!

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